In early spring, 2019, Andy Howe and I began creating what would become a wedding venue on Gunstock Hill Road in Gilford, NH.  It was such a wet spring and such a wet site.  Every time we thought we had created enough drainage, it would downpour and we would have to adjust again.  The days kept ticking by with a June 28 wedding getting closer and closer.  Finally, dry enough to excavate, we began preparing the area for construction.  I started installing steps between the rocky ledges, while Andy filled the hole that would become the patio.

It was my favorite kind of project.  Design while you build.  Let the stones decide what the next phase will look like.  So many times my clients want a drawing of the final design.  Now I generally know when I start, but it will always change during construction and I think that is the best kind of design.

The next few weeks it all started to come together.  The patio was a long, arduous process, but well worth it part of the design.  Fitting stones around the granite ledges to make the steps tie in is always fun.  Then a few stone walls would end my portion of the work.

When I left I was proud of my work.  A month later, on wedding day, I returned and was blown away by this stunning venue that I helped create.  Thank you to the Howe family for your trust in creating such a special place.