Firepits, Columns, & Stone Accents

When I am asked what I do for a career, I typically say I build anything out of stone. Whether it is a fire pit to enjoy with family, a bird bath, or an outdoor kitchen, these projects allow creativity and design elements, which I just love. In today’s world, there are so many manufactured solutions, which allow a homeowner to install a fire pit in just hours or divert water using plastic piping. While, I use these myself, I often try to create a solution with natural stone, which will provide beauty and longevity.

Below you will see photos of some fun uses for stone.

  • A boulder birdbath
  • Columns with irrigation for planting
  • Water management stone pathways
  • A stone bridge joining two properties
  • Native rock gardens for herbs
  • Fire pits both native and manufactured
  • Interior granite flooring

Whatever the project happens to be…….if you can picture it in stone, I can build it.