Shoreline Construction

Construction on the shores of New Hampshire lakes is rewarding, but often a challenging endeavor. Designs must ensure that structures are built to absorb wave action in the summer and ice movement during the winter months. On the shoreline, Rustic Stone & Garden Design can:

  • Build perched beaches
  • Construct or rebuilt shoreline walls
  • Install steps, patios, and walkways
  • Build or rebuild breakwaters

The majority of this work typically requires a permit and is done in the fall during lake drawdown. While I don’t often need to use it, my degree in Ocean Engineering is often helpful in design.
Winnipesaukee Islands Construction on the islands of Lake Winnipesaukee is becoming more frequent with each passing year. In 2017, Rustic Stone & Garden built two fireplaces on Mink Island and a large stone wall project on Rattlesnake. I coordinate with local barge companies for delivery or excavation needs.

These projects often require ingenuity and determination to accomplish tasks without machinery and sometimes without power. It is always special to work on an island and I look forward to more of it.