Patios – Natural & Paver

Patios and walkways are often linked together, because one often leads to the other. I love to keep my designs as natural as possible, but utility often determines the execution and material used. A lake side patio with stepping stones to the beach can utilize most any product, allowing one to choose based on aesthetics alone. On the other hand, the front entrance walkway to a year-round home which must be shoveled in winter months should consider utility and durability first.

There are so many paving options to choose from. Below are some thoughts to direct your choice:

  • Will the pathway/patio be used year round?
  • Do you care if grass/weeds grow in the paved area?
  • Will elderly/children use the pathway?
  • For pavers, do you like all the same shape or various shapes?
  • Should the paving have a border?
  • Will you plant around paving?
  • Does the area require shoveling?
  • Is there anything below paving (drainage, irrigation, etc.) that must be accessed?